As one of The SALON cofounders, Lyn began making an impact in the field of hair color over twenty five years ago. Throughout this time, she has become celebrated for her hundreds of loyal adherents. There are those who come from across the country and around the world to see someone they know—and whom they know knows them.

Lyn Johnson


Steve Johnson the salon corvallis

Steve Johnson


Kristy Stutzman - Kristy is a veteran of the beauty industry. Starting her career at the age of 18 she has consistently pushed herself to become one of the most well rounded stylists in her craft. Kristy has a well-earned reputation as a top stylist by making each of her client’s look and feel Gorgeous.

Kristy Stutzman

Senior/top stylist


Emma Samard - Emma loves building strong connections with her clients, mastering her skills, and strives to always be knowledgeable of the best and healthiest techniques to use to create styles that turn heads. Collaborating with you to educate you on what it takes to achieve your personal beauty goals, and helps every step of the way

Emma Samard